About Us

Where is Avid?

Dean Willson's Avid Flyer, predecessor to the Mark IV

Avid Aircraft was founded in 1983 by Dean Wilson, a pilot who realized the need for an inexpensive alternative to certified aircraft. His original Avid Flyer was first seen at Oshkosh and won the coveted best new design. The company went on to create a full line of high wing, fixed aircraft including the Magnum, Mark IV, and Catalina. 

Avid ownership changed hands twice and eventually dissolved after the tragedy of 9/11 devastated the general aviation industry. Thousands of Avid owners were left wondering where to seek advice on assembly and how to get new or replacement parts.

Avid Revival

Mark Mendick, a private pilot and mechanical engineer was looking for a way to own and enjoy a safe, reliable aircraft without the large financial burden. He, like many others, wanted to perform his own maintenance on the plane, make changes without hiring an A&P, and avoid costly hanger fees. Avid planes stuck out among other competitors as the best all around structure with more standard features for the money than any other kit plane. Mark purchased all rights to Avid Aircraft in order to bring the company back to the market and give others like him the opportunity to make affordable flying a reality. 

Avid is still very early in its revitalization. It has one owner and would like to continue to focus on the same core principles that made the company successful in the past - use the best quality products available, maintain affordable prices, ensure easy assembly, and as always, provide responsive and timely customer service.

Into the Future

Backcountry flying in Idaho

Today's general aviation industry is strong and continues to bring new advancements to pilots and aircraft owners. New technology and an increase in popularity has pushed the cost of ownership to an all-time high.

Mark plans on using the business to educate people on general aviation and in particular, experimental aircraft. Through education and demonstrations put on at local airports across the United States, Avid Aircraft hopes to inspire innovation, promote creativity, and continue to welcome others to the community of pilots and builders across the country and the world. There is a special satisfaction that comes with building, owning, and flying your own Avid Aircraft and we hope you join us in our adventure.