Avid Models

Mark IV

Avid's Mark IV is one of the most flexible kits on the market, offering tri-gear and tailwheel configurations. Amphibious floats, snow skis, and ag spray packages can be added to provide options for every adventure seeker. No other kit at any price offers the standard equipment and flexibility of the Avid Mark IV.


Builders on a budget should look no further than the Avid Bandit for undisputed value in the kitplane market. With the same structural components and performance of the Mark IV, the Bandit offers a more basic package that gets builders in the air cheaper and faster.


The Catalina boasts a spacious, three-place cabin built into a flying boat design. The gentle handling qualities and exceptional visibility gives passengers a 270 degree unobstructed view. It's versatility and 600 lb useful load makes for the perfect combination of earth, sea, and sky. 


If you are looking for a plane that can haul more, take off shorter, and fly faster, the Avid Magnum is for you. With a 42" cabin width and jump seat in the back, this plane will keep you and your passengers comfortable as you cruise through the sky.

What Makes An Avid Airplane?

The Kit

When you open your Avid kit, you will see everything you need to build your airplane (except for the paint). All of the welding is complete, fiberglass parts formed, wing ribs built, and main spars cut and pre-drilled. Hardware is sorted and bagged; even the solvents and adhesives are included. 

Your Avid fuselage is built of 4140 aircraft steel, wing spars are 6160 T-6 aircraft aluminum, and all hardware is AN quality. Kits are carefully inspected to insure completeness and quality through our QMS (quality management system) policy. Custom plywood crates are built to safely and securely transport your kit, typically by motor freight, but customers are more than welcome to visit the factory and pick up their kit.

The Folding Wings and Flapperons

All Avid aircraft have a unique wing-fold system which allows the wings to be folded in less than 5 minutes without disturbing the integrity of the control system. Say goodbye to high priced hanger fees or wingtip repairs due to mishandling. This system has been imitated on other designs, but it was an Avid innovation.

Flapperons have been used for many years on aircraft where maximum lift must be extracted from the wing. The idea is to enhance lift on the entire wing, rather than the in-board section only, as on more common flap/aileron designs. The flaps together deploy a total of 15°. This still allows the aileron travel of about 5°. Even after the main wing stalls, the flapperons remain effective to provide needed roll control. Counterbalance has been added to insure static-balanced surfaces and eliminates tendency to flutter. 

The Build

Avid is constantly working to improve the customer's experience during the build process. Kits typically take between 450 and 750 hours to complete depending on the builder's experience and kit model. Avid's step-by-step assembly manuals are being updated regularly and take builders suggestions into consideration on new or improved techniques. 

The Avid support team is currently working on instructional videos that follow along with the assembly manual. A staff member will demonstrate the assembly of each piece and extra tips and tricks of the trade will be commentated in order to help answer questions builders may have during construction.

As always, should you need additional help while building your Avid, we have trained customer service representatives - all of which have built at least one Avid kit- to answer your questions.