Avid Mark IV

Building on more than 30 years of industry experience and customer input, Avid's Mark IV is the most refined folding wing kit available today. Compare the standard features of our Mark IV with any other kit. We include a baggage compartment with external door, electric elevator trim, cabin heat, spinner, carpet, chrome control sticks, and cabin vents as standard equipment in every Mark IV! You can elect either tri-gear or tailwheel and your choice of aerobatic speed wing or S.T.O.L. wings. No other kit at any price offers the standard equipment and flexibility of the Avid Mark IV!

Our owner and employees are all kit builders and have taken extra care to make sure your kit will assemble quickly and easily. All welding is complete,the fiberglass parts are formed, and the wing ribs are built. All hardware has been meticulously sorted and bagged and the upholstery is pre-sewn. Our manual is well-illustrated and continuously updated as we receive feedback from customers. Videos are being made available that walk builders through the manual as trained staff demonstrate each step.

Take off in as little as 110 feet and climb over 1000FPM. The controls are light and responsive and the standard electric trim will offer effortless cross-country flying. With aerobatic speed wings installed you can loop, roll and spin to your heart's content. The airframe is rated for +6 -3 G's and wings have been static tested for proven safety.

The most complete kit, the fastest building kit, the best performing kit, and the original folding wing kit. They are all Avid, they are all Mark IV. Isn't it about time you made your Mark in aviation history?!

Mark IV Standard Features

  • Tri-gear or tail wheel
  • Speed wing or S.T.O.L. wing
  • Baggage compartment with exterior door
  • Electric elevator trim
  • Straight trailing edge
  • Electric start
  • 2 or 3 blade prop
  • Spinner
  • Chrome control sticks
  • Carpet
  • Fully upholstered fiberglass seat or bucket seats
  • Gas struts for doors
  •  "Pull Shut" door latches
  • Nav light mounts
  • Aircraft compass
  • Slip indicator
  • Altimeter, airspeed indicator
  • Tach, water temp gauge, EGT
  • Cabin vents
  • Speed fairings
  • Tundra tires
  • Tailwheel